Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to park?

If you find an open parking spot on the street, by all means grab it. As you continue away from the French Quarter, you'll find more open parking street space. 

If you continue down Elysian Fields Avenue, two blocks towards the river you'll find two parking lots for your convience. 

Does the city know you are holding this event? 

Yes, this event is permitted by The City of New Orleans.

What can I not do in the park?

Please be advised! The following items are not allowed in the park under any circumstances: No skateboards, motorized vehicles including motorcycles, scooters and segways (unless handicapped authorized), glass bottles or containers, heavy equipment or vehicles on the plazas,  grass or turf, no pools, water space walks or related set ups.

Also, please be advised - if you are speaking from the stage, absolutely no explicit lyrics or discussion of politics, specific bills or endorsement of candidates.